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Spirit Rock Reservation

  • You must reserve this rock in order to paint it.

  • The cost is $10 a day (non-refundable fee) and due to the amount of kids at our school, we ask you to reserve it for only one day per student.  

Please follow these directions.

  1. Check date for availability.

    • Click on the link below. This is first come, first serve.  PTO and Administration reserve rights to block out dates.

  2. Sign up for a date

    • You will include your name, email and phone number. Please add your student's name in the comments. (email and phone number will not be shown)

  3. Pay for the rock with a debit or credit card in the Sign Up Genius.

A reminder email will be sent out by the Sign Up Genius 2 days before your day (one day before you paint).



Spirit Rock

RTES Spirit Rock Rules

  • You may only select one day for the rock per child. Consecutive days are not allowed.

  • Rental of the rock is rain or shine. There are no substitute days offered if it rains on the day you rented the rock. We have had parents use a small tent over the rock and you are welcome to do that.

  • We cannot makes changes once you have rented the rock so be sure that is the day you want it rented for.  

  • Rock reservation starts at 4:00 pm the day BEFORE and you will have it until 4:00 pm the day of your reservation. (Example: You sign up for Monday January 11th, you paint the rock Sunday January 10th, at 4:00 pm)  

  • Please do not paint over the rock before 4:00 pm. (The people before you may want a picture of their rock with their kid on their birthday and if you paint it early, they may not be able to get this picture.)

  • Please keep the area around the rock clean and neat while painting.

  • No profane words, symbols or any derogatory or offensive messages will be permitted.

  • RTES PTO is not responsible for parents, students or others who paint the rock without reserving it.

  • RTES PTO reserves the right to block out dates for school use.

  • Decorate/paint the rock yourself ... The school or PTO does NOT do this for you. There are a couple of companies you can pay to paint the rock for you, but you have to set that up with them.  

  • Please use spray can paint or acrylic paint on the rock. 

  • Do not use

    • Glitter, Glue, Stickers, Puff Paint

  • By purchasing a rock date you are stating that you have read the rules and will abide by them.  


Please email the RTES PTO at:

Tips & Tricks for the Rock


  • Paint with primer first to cover the paint from before

  • Use spray paint to do the design

  • Create stencils out of cardboard to help with the design


Spirit Rock Painters:

Tracey Hartzog:

Spirit Rocks by Joanne:

Chelsea & Savannah:

or (803) 547-0106

Alex Patterson:

Rachel Ohls:

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